Senior Programs

We offer several senior programs that provide FREE membership and FREE group exercise classes. They include Silver Sneakers, Silver & Fit, and Renew Acitve (Healthy Contributions).  Please stop by to see if your health insurance provider is one of these great programs which offer wellness incentives – most of them absolutely FREE!

1) SilverSneakers

Work out when, where, and how you want with the nation’s leading exercise program for active older adults. Join the nearly 2 million members who are enjoying the health benefits of physical activity.

Stay active, stay healthy, and stay social with SilverSneakers! BlackHawk Family Fitness is proud to be a supporter and carrier of Healthways SilverSneakers, with your enrollment in the program you have free access to the area’s largest fitness facility 24hrs a day 7 day a week. You also have the option to attend a weekly SilverSneakers group fitness class led by one of our certified instructors.

If you want to check on your eligibility, please feel free to stop by and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.

2) Silver & Fit

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“Fitness is Timeless”

“Improved fitness is a better way of life. After all, regular physical activity

is one of the best ways to improve your health. That’s why we started the

Silver&Fit® Exercise and Healthy Aging Program.” Health plans offer the

Silver&Fit program to eligible Medicare Advantage/Supplement

beneficiaries and group retirees. It can help you improve the quality of

your life.

3) Healthy Contributions

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A fitness program to help you live your best life. Designed around you and

your goals, Renew Active offers access at BlackHawk Fitness, as well as

online brain exercises to help keep both your body and your mind active

— all at no additional cost.